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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
As I've shown many times in the past it was team experience, not man for man equality that allowed the Soviets to excel. You are right that since the Canada Cup was organized by us that we had the right to structure the tournament as we saw fit and we did by having it played on NHL sized ice, with NHL rules and NHL officials. Just as IIHF tournaments used European sized ice, rules and style of officiating. I think anyone who suggests that officials should have been used who had little or no experience calling the physical brand of NHL hockey in those days, especially in a tournament of this level, is out to lunch.

I've come to understand that the complaint about the origin of the officials really revolves around two things. Firstly from fans whose teams didn't win the tournaments and are trying to discredit those who did. Secondly and most importantly it represents a cultural divide between hockey fans.

Cheating and corruption exists in every country and culture but the level and acceptance of it varies greatly from place to place. If you are from a place where people are expected to act professionally, with honour and integrity, then you don't really see an issue in using officials who are under the same cultural expectations. If you are from a place where cheating and corruption are rampant then of course you are not going to want to trust anyone who might in your eyes have a reason to cheat.

I find it deeply offensive when people like you with no credible evidence suggest that Canada cheated and conspired to fix the Canada Cups. People love to point out that Alan Eagleson was involved, but he did not officiate a single game and as far as I can tell had no power over NHL officials so I don't really see how his involvement is relevant to the discussion.
I have always loved your automaton zombie theory! The Soviets, because of their fiendish mastery over all cosmic forces, were able to create laboratories in which they took just Average Joes off the streets of Moscow, forced them to lace up skates, and then used them to create a super team so potent that it took the refereeing of Don Koharski to prevent them from claiming unrivaled supremacy over the hockey world. Of course, it had nothing to do with the Soviets being pretty good hockey players!

Putting your theory to work in Canada, you could gather 3rd or 4th line players from AHL teams, and put them together on a national team. After a year or two, an NHL team of Crosby, Stamkos, Nash and whoever else you could name would be helpless against them. Individually, the AHL team would be less than mediocre, but if they play together in a good system, and trained hard, they would have trounced the 2010 Canadian Olympic team. Its a great theory, but you have to use a lot of imagination to envision it.

Just one note: the NHL was never involved in the Canada Cup. The tournament was founded, funded, and administered by the NHLPA. NHL players are not on the payroll in the off season, so they are free to do whatever they want. Alan Eagleson was the Director of the NHLPA. He organized and promoted the '72 series and all of the Canada Cups. At the time of the incident that I refenced in the '84 Canada Cup, there were no NHL refs working the Canada Cup - only the refs that Eagleson himself hired. Feel free to refute those facts if you can.

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