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02-28-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by pavelich View Post
The idea that Tortorella is some sort of genius for diverting attention or pressure away from the players is insane.

Media attention? Pressure? Are you kidding me? These guys have it easy compared to places like Montreal or Toronto, never mind the other NY teams. Tortorella isn't drawing attention away from the team, he's just a total dick.

The Yanks, Mets, Giants or Jets would never get away with the crap the Rangers pull. The moronic press conferences, the BS re. injuries etc. In a real league the Nash situation would be a scandal.

When Torts starts with his "it's none of your business" crap when someone asks about injuries I want to scream. The press are the conduit to the fans ie. the paying customers. He's saying it's none of our business.

I've got 40+ years invested in this team. And in my case, unlike his, the $ just go out not in.

The problems with style of play and use of players has been talked about earlier in the thread. I think the modern day NHL has passed this guy by; it's time for a change.

Why are you entitled to know the details about a player's injury? I think that's just a really strange mindset. What about doctor patient confidentiality? That's not to say I expect the coach not to know, but why the **** is it any of your business? As fans we buy tickets to the games, merch, etc. We don't buy press conference tix or pay the doctor bills, so if the coach thinks withholding injury info or game strategy from the public (or really other NHL teams) can make the on ice product even .00000001% better than I'm all for it. And anyway, Torts gives the most entertaining press conferences in all of pro sports BY FAR, so really again this is a weird fan complaint. You want Bill Belichick up there? Rex Ryan? Or just one of the other 99% of coaches who go up there with their coachspeak, boring the hell out of everyone?

Did this new era of Modern Hockey start at the beginning of this season? Because Torts had a decent amount of success last year culminating in being a finalist for the Jack Adams award.

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