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02-28-2013, 11:06 AM
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Let's look at it by the numbers. Gomez and Pyatt (Busto did play for us) contributed twenty five goals and ninety five assists during their time with the Montreal Canadiens. McDonagh and Higgins (Valentenko and Janik never played for the Rangers) have thus far contributed sixteen goals and forty four assists. So to this point one could argue that we have seen more benefit from the Gomez trade than the Rangers (but in the same breath one has to acknowledge that unless McDonagh's career is ended tomorrow it is very likely that he will soon over come that deficit - he's only behind nine goals and fifty one assists.

Kessel, OTOH, has contributed one hundred three goals for the Leafs and one hundred fourteen assists. Seguin, Hamilton and Knight have chipped in forty four goals and sixty five assists - differentials of fifty nine goals and forty nine assists. Obviously they have done better to this point as well. But Kessel is racing against Hamilton, Seguin and Knight. While he might be able to keep up against one or two of those guys, all three are going to bury him over time.

So I voted the Kessel trade as the worst of the two. Yes, we gave up McDonagh and yes Gomez was miserable after his first season in Montreal but Toronto gave up a McDonagh like prospect (Hamilton) plus a top two pick plus a solid future power forward for a thirty goal scorer (we gave up Cole and got a third back for an admittedly older but otherwise similarly one dimensional thirty goal scorer)

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