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02-28-2013, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by TropicalFruitGirl2 View Post
Hello to the boards, obviously, and many great points made on this thread...I will throw in my thirty nine cents, and some of my opins may overlap with stuff already said.

First, I want to say transition defense.
Outside of Ryan Suter, no one on the Minnesota defense seems to be able to make that smart, quick pass so that the forwards can be on their merry way WITH speed towards the opponent's zone.
Not saying the other D-man CAN'T do that, just that right now, for whatever reason, they aren't.
Minny forwards have a tough time penetrating the zone with any velocity...way too easy for the other team to set up, plan, and shut down the forwards.

Second, despite the talent on the team, Minnesota still has too many 'muckers' and 'grinders' using up primo ice time...and when those scoring chances come up (and Minny DOES get lots of them), they seem incapable of putting the finish on them.
More specifically, guys like Matt Cullen and Kyle Brodziak.

I tell you...I am TIRED of seeing some partial breakaway for MN, some defensive breakdown by the opposition, an odd man rush, I get all excited about it....only to realize it's Kyle Brodziak leading that charge and that scoring opp will most likely fail....just as an example.

PM Bouchard, by no means a grinder, is a strict perimeter shooter, and he really doesn't work well if he isn't combined with big guys who can create space for him...oh, and it would help TREMENDOUSLY if Bouchard would actually pot a puck whenever he has a clear shot....too many near chances that he simply doesn't bury.

Third, team chemistry. Plain n simple. Lots of new faces, no one had a proper training camp/exhibition season, the season IS rushed, and lots of young promising players still getting their NHL legs.
There is just no way around that.
Guys like Zucker, Granlund, Brodin, Coyle....they should all have very good NHL careers...some even great...but right now, they are still adjusting to NHL speed and talent.
They are doing pretty well given the circumstances, but it is understandable if they and some of the other players on the team who aren't used to one another struggle to work as one.
I think hockey, more than the other three major team sports in North America, relies on good team chemistry in addition to talent and execution to make a champion.
Wild are still working towards that.

Finally, I too don't know a ton about coaching a pro team, but I have started to wonder whether Coach Yeo IS putting his players in the best possible situations to win.
Is his 'system' suited to these players he has? Is he too rigid in asking players to 'buy into' something that perhaps they are not best built to play?
Not sure.
I just find it really odd that despite the new faces, the increase in talent, the end result on offense is woefully the same as last season.
And yes, I know execution is a big part of it......but what I wonder is, are what the players trying to execute for the coach the best thing for them?

Not saying Coach Yeo should be fired, but if this hapless offense continues, let's just say, it wouldn't surprise me if he was replaced.
Nice post as well

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