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02-28-2013, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by CarvinSigX View Post
I'm just saying that the same people who say Tarasenko is 71-72 inches are the same people who say McDonald is 70 inches. I'm 71.5 inches tall and I was noticeably bigger than Andy.

Edit: Not that all of this matters that much, I'm just throwing it out there. I do a lot of woodworking in my spare time, so I'm pretty good with measurements. All of my friends that are shorter than me say I'm 73 inches, but they just want to believe that they're above the 5'9" average.
Nope, not the same people. Tarasenko was measured by independent doctors at the NHL Combine in 2010 and came in at 6'0" and 210.5 lbs. McDonald/the Blues can put his numbers at pretty much whatever they want. It's pretty common that shorter/lighter players will be more likely to exaggerate their numbers than average to bigger sized players. The Combine stats are known to be pretty accurate and you will see a lot of measurements that are 1-2 inches shorter and 10-25 lbs lighter than what a lot of kids are listed at with their Jr/Euro teams. They measure to the quarter inch and really scrutinize possible cheating - I remember a story where a shorter player tried to add some height by wearing 4-5 pairs of thick socks. The docs made him take the socks off. . For the record, Schwartz measured in at that same combine at 5'9.75". So the 5'10" he's listed at is pretty accurate as 1/4 of an inch is hardly anything. I don't remember what he weighed in at but I want to say it was around 173. Schwartz has bulked up significantly since then, probably around 190 now. The bottom line is that these measurements were done by independent doctors, not team officials so they're a lot harder to exaggerate. 210-215 lbs for Tarasenko seems reasonable just looking at him IMO.

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