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02-28-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
I can relate this to Canada.
We hunker down in the winter and treat stuff as puritan jobs.
In the 2 or 3 months of simmer we treat as play time.
Soccer/football has higher participation numbers than hockey at youth levels. But we take our kids away from summer sports to go to the cottage/shore/lake/woods every weekend.
Even my local senior baseball has learnt that Sunday night games after 7pm brings a higher attendance as people are coming home from the summer weekend than Fridays when folk are leaving for the weekend.
As someone on here likes to say it's a cultural thing.
But with a lack of natural ice for a month or three just lay down ice pads whether they seat 2 or 20,000.
No ice time no development
Soccer is coming for you guys

Ice hockey is a bizarre sport. It's a sport that relies alot upon climate to fund its development. It's expensive to build the facilities required for the sport, it's an expensive sport to participate in, it's a time consuming sport to practise (Relative to football/basketball etc) and it's a physically challenging sport. It's undoubtedly my favourite sport, but it's not a natural sport and is fundamentally flawed and illogical sport when discussing growth. It's fighting an uphill battle from the start, without even discussing cultural differences and sports competition.

Plus, i enjoy my smile and teeth.

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