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The issue, IMO with relying on Del Zotto to be the Power Play QB is this...

I have been adamant for a long time about the need and our lack of, a puck rushing/puck carrying defenseman.

Not to be confused with what people list as PMD which is 'puck moving defenseman'.

I was pleasantly surprised to read an excerpt from Shane Malloy's book: "The Art of Scouting". From I believe none other than our own Jeff Gorton about the difference.

The Rangers have several "PMD" already. Puck movers. Guys who are able to quickly retrieve the puck and move it to the correct option.

The only issue is, that relies on someone else getting the puck through the neutral zone and deep into the offensive zone. And there are times when the forward group on the ice is the bottom six, where there is less overall skill and less chance they will get the puck deep.

A puck skating/puck carrying/puck rushing, which ever moniker you want to use, is a guy who can retrieve the puck quickly, and use his legs and puck skills to get up through the defensive zone, through the neutral zone and either get the puck deep or gain the zone with control of the puck.

The Rangers have not had a player like this since 2004, before we traded Leetch.

The Rangers NEED a defenseman like this. Obviously not on the level of Leetch. But they need to find the next Karlsson, or Letang, or Schultz, or Campbell, or Boyle.

Now, here is a whacky idea:

Toronto is legitimate THIS season. In THIS shortened season, they are a playoff team. And as shown recently, seed doesn't matter, make it to the dance and you can progress just like any other higher seeded team.

Would Toronto be willing to move Morgan Reilly for a package surrounding Gaborik or Richards + prospect(s) + pick(s)? To improve their chances in the playoffs?

Morgan Reilly is EXACTLY the kind of defenseman the Rangers need in their organization. I'll go into more detail below:

They already have three shut down guys in McDonagh, Staal, and Girardi. They have a nasty physical defenseman who is knocking on the door in McIlrath. They have a skilled more mobile guy in Stralman.

Put a package together, steal Reilly.

Package Del Zotto to Colorado for O'Reilly.

Now you added depth down the middle, and you added your missing-for-a-decade puck rushing highly skilled offensive defenseman.

But that proposal is predicated on weather or not Toronto would actually move Reilly.

Nonetheless, the Rangers need to find that kind of defenseman.

The Power Play would have a guy able to take ownership of the puck and gain the zone. Create from the point. And 5v5 and 4v4 situations our transition attack would greatly improve.


Just wanted to exand on "take ownership of the puck". As it relates to Del Zotto.

Del Zotto doesn't take ownership of the puck. He lacks the foot speed to consistently take ownership of the puck on a regular basis.

This is why IMO moving Del Zotto and replacing him with a guy like i listed above, is a wise decision.

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