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02-28-2013, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Tim Vezina Thomas View Post
I think if you put Kelly/Peverley higher than the third line you don't ice the best team.

Bergy is our best overall center and takes all the key faceoffs, do we want Kelly/Peverley on a line with him that much? Krejci would also suffer if you put two so so offensive talents with him, hes a facilitator first.

I honestly can't see Seguin playing center on this team if Krejci is still a Bruin...Seguin is a better wing than Krejci, Krejci is a better defensive center than Seguin, Julien needs defensive centers.
Moving one of Bergy/Krejci/Seguin to the 3rd line means one of Kelly/Peverley to the top six, REALLY do not think thats a good idea.
I don't completely disagree with some of your points.

But here are your options IF you acquire a top 6 player, and we can debate which one is better for the team:

Option 1

Line 1: Lucic-Krejci-Horton
Line 2: Marchand-Seguin-Player X
Line 3: Kelly-Bergy-Pevs
Line 4: Merlot

Option 2

Line 1: Lucic-Krejci-Horton
Line 2: Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin
Line 3: Player X-Kelly-Pevs
Line 4: Merlot

Obviously, it depends on who the player is, and there are other options, but I just think the main benefits you have in option 1 are, A. Strength down the middle and Seguin playing his natural offensive position, B. Two dynamic offensive lines and one great shut down line/good offensive line, C. The "top 6" player you acquired is actually playing in the top 6.

Who is better suited for playing that kind of role, Bergeron (Selke award winner) or Player X (Alfie, Iginla, Briere/insert your favorite option here)?

And I am giving full credit to Bergeron here because I think with him centering that line, Kelly and Pevs become better players. I think it allows everyone to play to their strengths and makes our team better.

But it's not like I'm hating option 2 either.

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