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02-28-2013, 12:32 PM
Seth Lake
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You draft players for the future. You don't draft based on current team needs. We have never truly been in a position to draft a player with the potential to step straight into the NHL. At the same time, you must include and seek the input of every member of your hockey operations department.

Fenton runs the draft along with Jeff Kealty. They organize all of the scouting reports and evaluations and whittle things down into a manageable list, but at some point when everyone's seen the video on a player and maybe even caught a game live on a player, when it comes down to ranking player A vs. player B for the long term, why wouldn't you ask for your NHL coaching staff's opinion of a player's long term prospects? They are the ones with experience molding the players and might have valuable insight on which player's make up better suits them towards long-term success at the NHL level.

Everyone's input is sought, some are weighed heavier than others especially based on that observers viewings of the player and any known bias (ie: European scout bashing a North American player who he's never seen live and vice versa). I would highly doubt that Trotz has never had a final say on a player selection over the course of a decade plus, but I would say that the number of times he's strongly influenced one of our picks is scarce when compared to the number of picks that we've made over the course of the franchise's existence.

At the start of the team, when Trotz didn't have a team to actually coach, he spent the season scouting both the NHL and AHL in search of players. Since then, that's been other people's job...

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