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02-28-2013, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by indfin View Post
With all due respect, the media focus on the Rangers isn't really all that significant. Even this time of year, with only basketball and hockey playing, the top sports stories are spring training baseball and off-season NFL moves ... then the Knicks ... then the Rangers. Check out the NY Post website ... three headlines are football, basketball, and baseball. You literally have to scroll 20 stories down to find the first NYR mention.

I can't begin to say what his motivation is ... maybe he feels that he would rather answer questions about his own behavior than have to comment on his players. Personally, I think he hates having to deal with the press and is particularly abrasive when things aren't going well.
A strange argument. How many beat writers do the Rangers have? Beyond the local guys, how many national press media personalities are going to talk about how the Rangers are struggling? It doesn't matter where in the newspaper the articles show up. There is media pressure. Take it out of NY media context and think about it in the context of the more closed system of the NY Rangers.

I'm honestly surprised that so many people are in the dark on how this works. Tortorella tightly controls his interactions with the media. He always has. It's no coincidence that these things ONLY happen when the team has adversity. We know he likes to play mind games. How is this any different?

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