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Originally Posted by usiel View Post
Decent show=The Americans. Me going through the mid 80s remember AIDS screwing up the HS love fest and man if you could afford a pager your were teh 3h|t. Missed the smoking court by two years as well as the DC grand fathered clause by one. That sucked.
I graduated in 76, at Lakeland HS is White Lake MI: we had a smoking area, and I sure took advantage of it. At 19... my Grandad said "Weiser (that's what he called me) is that the kind of habit you want to carry on as an older man?"

He got to me: I quit and never smoked tobacco again.

I heard that at some point in the 80's, schools banded together and got rid of smoking areas. You did miss something: and all they did was to ensure that students would sneak their smokes (usually in the john), using a lookout.

Pagers weren't even in existence: but we had something better... real Columbian redbud. NOTHING like it!

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