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02-28-2013, 12:31 PM
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I don't think this season has been as strong as the other two, but it's had its moments. Telling Chase that he would be able to keep his llama after the show was absolutely hilarious.

One reason why I think this season suffered a bit was that they kept some uninteresting characters on too long, primarily Chico. I get that they want to keep him believing the hoax, which is why you can't keep all the crazy characters on until the end, but they already had a steadying influence in Allen. I really didn't see the need to keep Chico on that long.

Randy (probably the best character this season IMO) was a character that was able to be entertaining along with acting as somewhat of a foil to the crazy characters, so it was good that they really made use of him. Lavernius was the same way so it's kind of a shame they didn't use him more.

Also have to say that Allison was the worst character they've ever done. She wasn't entertaining and way overplayed her part.

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