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02-28-2013, 12:35 PM
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The only difference between RC and Wilson may be that RC is emphasizing a style of play that is different from what Wilson used and the goals against is down significantly. What coach doesn't preach defensive responsibility and puck possession, only those on a self destructive path I would think. TO's GA is better but shots against hasn't improved so I'm wondering did it never occur to Wilson that the d-men should box out the opposition and clear rebounds. Maybe it never occurred to Wilson that the forwards should come back and participate in defending probably had something to do with the run and gun offense Wilson had going. Maybe it never occurred to Wilson that TO needed better goaltending like RC is getting from Reimer ans Scrivens, that's it I'll bet.

One of the glaring differences between TO this year compared to last is personel, RC didn't have to factor in a Connolly and Lombardi who ultimately offered nothing so he was allowed to use Kadri and Frattin which makes him look like a genius, I'm wondering how much of a genius he would look like if he had to integrate Connolly and Lombardi. Probably would have said that Frattin and Kadri still needed more seasoning I'll bet.

RC is using exactly the same lines that Wilson used except for personnel changes and just like Wilson he is very reluctant to change those lines either on a game to game basis or during in game. Just like Wilson RC has that to mine own line I will always be true philosophy. Whether the line works or not he trudges along believing since I see the line working, in my mind, it will which of coarse flys in the face of logic when TO is losing. Wilson was not adaptable and neither is RC so I'm thinking we need a coach that's always looking for an edge. I think we can already see a Wilsonian indifference settling in on TO's forwards so I think innovation is the only way to reverse this.

How bad is this, lines set in stone mentality, well Frattin get's injured and what does RC do he puts Orr in as a replacement, hello Orr can replace Frattin, not in my world. I would think RC should have beat the bushes on the Leafs or on the farm to find the best replacement not just put anyone in as a replacement. In RC's mind TO's 1st and 2nd lines are never subject to change, no matter the results, TO needs more innovation than that, maybe they'll still lose but maybe they won't lose so ugly.

Who might be a better fit for TO, I don't know but Mike Keenan was never afraid to change lines, defensive pairings and goaltenders because winning was the only acceptable result. How much do you want to bet that TO has the same everything tonite except goaltender which I thought was the only decent thing in TO's game last night.

Ultimately TO needs personnel upgrades but until then a coach that can maximize his assets should be the least we should settle for. I just don't see it in RC.

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