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Originally Posted by Damascus View Post
Would anyone have interest in O'mark? (YEAH that's right, I was one of those Oiler's fans that supported him)

He is just finishing up the Swiss Elite playoffs. This season he posted 17 goals and 52 assists in 48 games although I'm not too sure how he did n the post-season. At the North American level I think he did extremely well for his size-and draft selection. He was a PPG player in the AHL. In the NHL he actually didn't do too bad.. 30 pts in 64 games.

The problem was that people (including Oiler's staff) assumed he was supposed to be the second coming of Forsberg. They forget they he was like a late 7th round pick and will always be a second and third line tweener. I think that he is a better version of Wellwood. He is actually smaller than welly but has the same hockey IQ. Although he is terribly small, if you ever saw him play along the boards you would be impressed. The guy can be a bit cocky but man can he dominate with the puck. There are some questions about his defensive zone coverage but I think part of that was due to the fact that his transition to North America was meh.. lets just say I don't think he was coached well in Edmonton. This year in the Swiss Elite he is a +18 and even kills some penalties.

I think Edmonton has given up on him and he would come extremely cheap. I think he could be had for as little as a 5-6th round pick. Having a guy like him and tobi on the powerplay would be extremely deadly. Come to think of it I think he would have tons of success playing with Olli.. but then again everyone can have success playing with Olli.

Anyhow what do you guys think, and for those of you are extremely anti Omark, I am sorry I mentioned his name again. Just a thought..
I felt that Omark didn't work out for the Oilers because they have way too many of that mold of player and he was just the lesser of those players.

If he was cheap I'd take him for sure. He wouldn't be as positionally or defensively responsible as Wellwood but I think he'd be a more consistent offensive option. We could use him on the PP and in the shootout

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