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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
A strange argument. How many beat writers do the Rangers have? Beyond the local guys, how many national press media personalities are going to talk about how the Rangers are struggling? It doesn't matter where in the newspaper the articles show up. There is media pressure. Take it out of NY media context and think about it in the context of the more closed system of the NY Rangers.

I'm honestly surprised that so many people are in the dark on how this works. Tortorella tightly controls his interactions with the media. He always has. It's no coincidence that these things ONLY happen when the team has adversity. We know he likes to play mind games. How is this any different?
Maybe you are right about his motivations ... or maybe he just doesn't handle adversity well and goes into the bully/obnoxious Tortorella when things aren't going well for him/his team.

I am not going to rule out the possibility that you are right ... but I don't see how you can rule out the other possibility, either.

As to how many national press media personalities will talk about the Rangers struggles? Not sure ... probably not that many (perhaps if they have an utter collapse of a season ... or their coach goes off on some local reporter or cameraman). How many national press media personalities are there for the NHL?

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