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Originally Posted by Big Poppa Puck View Post
I bought a PS3 a few years back just for The Show because 2k became so awful that I couldn't play it anymore and I wanted a baseball game.

2K wasn't even supposed to come out this year then shocked some people by announcing it last month.

It was really good on Dreamcast and PS2 when it was called World Series Baseball 2K then around 2K4 or 5 it got bad. 2K6/7/8 for XBox were ok but since 2K9 they've just gotten worse every year.

When the new systems come out I might get PS4 over XBox 720(?) for The Show unless EA (MVP) starts making baseball games again.
Same...though it took me longer. At least 75% of the reason I bought a PS3 last year was because I missed playing a good baseball game.

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