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02-28-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
No legitimate buyers are sniffing around because they refuse to pay twice what the team is worth. It's really that simple. You have to play this absurd long game of trying to con the city into subsidizing the NHL's legal costs to get the price to where it should be. Who wants to be involved in that? Worse yet, that ship has sailed.

If the team was $90 million + that GJ lease? Line out the door. Step right up for your subsidized risk-free shot at owning an NHL team. But it's not priced like that, and no lease will ever be that good again.

The silence right now is pretty telling. A shame, considering that the team is improving.
I am certainly not convinced that simply lowering the price would automatically result in a sale. Notwithstanding a subsidy from Glendale, the operating losses of this team would surely eclipse any offset from a lower purchase price. Reasonably intelligent people have now taken over Glendale City Hall and any sort of worthwhile level of subsidy attractive enough to a buyer would obviously be directly tied to a minimum stay-put clause, thus guaranteeing large scale cumulative losses.

I would hazard to say that only a fool would even consider taking over this team if it was given to them for free.

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