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02-28-2013, 01:29 PM
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The biggest problem Flyer fans had with Jeff Carter was consistency. In 08-09 he finished 12th in scoring. We just figured he was hitting his stride and this would be regular. Call it a fair estimation or not, this is how it was perceived. In 09-10 he was 51st in scoring, in 11-12 he was 30th in scoring. The Flyers expected him to be in the running for the top ten, or at least 20. Heck 30th isn't bad in scoring, but in the playoffs his point totals were less.

In 07-08 he had 11 points in 17 games
09-09 1 point in 6 games
09-10 7 points in 12 games
10-11 2 points in 6 games

In the playoffs the Flyers were a team that needed someone to step up. Jeff Carter did not. Neither did anyone else, but no one on the team had ever had 40 goals before, so the burden fell to the best goal scorer on the team.

Flyer fans expected near point per game. He is not that. That is not who Jeff Carter is. King fans don't expect that. I think they have more realistic expectations.

When LA fans chide Flyer fans for being disappointed, it's cause we expected more from him. He always was a good player - a bit streaky, but always a threat. I think he is able to fit in with LA better because they don't expect him to be the man every night, and the fans probably won't ride him if he goes on an 8 game goalless steak like they did and do in Philly.

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