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02-28-2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
I am certainly not convinced that simply lowering the price would automatically result in a sale. Notwithstanding a subsidy from Glendale, the operating losses of this team would surely eclipse any offset from a lower purchase price....
Yes its hard not to arrive at that conclusion. I think reflectively the window of opportunity did in fact wind up being closed & locked when Jerry Reinsdorf walked. The team's parked in an expensive lot, the price, despite the $50M thrown at it by the COG escalating daily, the initial price paid for the franchise of $140M above true market value, and only paid based on principal, the NHL forced into it in order to protect their rights of determination, shutting out an unwanted location & applicant. The days of Glendales largesse are over. About the only way I could see a sale being facilitated at this point would simply have to include an out-clause, a possible price-drop and terms from the NHL. If they were prepared to do that, they'd have done so by now, and though the chances are slim to none, they just might do so yet. All guesswork & speculation at this point Im afraid, and little comfort to the fans in Arizona.

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