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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I thought we were having just a normal discussion, but now it seems to be going in a different direction. I wasn't trying to be condescending when I said I don't get why you like Trouba and hate MDZ. I just don't understand the priority level. Just like you don't get my stance.

I'm using your comparables on Trouba as the basis of my argument. So you can disagree with me on whether we need those type of players, but not on him being that type of player because it's your comparable.

Also you started off this Trouba discussion saying you can't take at face value that he'll be a top pairing guy, and alluding to all the similar prospects that didn't turn out as hyped. But you take major issue with me saying I'm wary of his offensive potential, and would rather go after a more proven offensive guy.

To me I see an average defensively but good offensive guy in MDZ making a better top pairing with EJ, than a good strong defensive guy that chips in around 20 points. That's a good second pairing. It's not enough offense for a real top pairing IMO, and we're still stuck with trying to get offense from guys playing smaller roles.

That's my reasoning. I don't care if Trouba ends up being better than MDZ, it doesn't help this team as much. They need a youngish offensive defenseman. If they want a solid two way guy, or big mean defensive guy they can find that on the UFA market, or even within their own system in Siemens.
That's what they need right now, not necessarily what they need long term.

I'll take a guy who can possibly end up close to EJ in terms of 2-way play, who can put up 25-35 points in a season and play as a #3 or even a #2 over a guy like MDZ who might put up 40-45 points per year but plays a Kyle Quincey-esque defensive game.

Our issues with offensive production from the back end could very well be solved by one or both of Barrie and Elliott.

You've seen this team's powerplay, do you really believe MDZ would make a difference? Hell, the Rangers are LAST in the league on the PP as hard as that might be to imagine. (They were 23rd all of last year)

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