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Probably correct, this year. LAst year Im sure Bilcke is close. Again hes brought in as a response to other rosters

The post was made to counter the "hypocritical" comment. Hunter doesnt regulary dress tough guys. 16 Gs played shows that. Flemmington not dreesing the 2nd half of the year last year also proves that. Can the same be said of Bilcke? What would BIlckes total # fights be without a rule he helped get passed? What was his fight/ min played ratio last year before the rule?What was the number he wanted to get to last year? 40?
And i think he and Leroux probably get similar ice time on teams with 4 lines (not an option now with the Spits short of bodies)
Lerouxs dressing is a response to other rosters IMO and the 16 GP cements that IMO

Regardless Dale has gotten away from dressing meatheads as a reg option and gone with speed n skill more oft than not. And are better off for it.

Im not a big Leroux fan but appreciate what he brings, when needed. With Pawley battling groin issues and the recent injures, suspensions n flu I think hes gotten a few xtra games in. Come POs not sure how much hell dress. 1/2 games maybe?

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