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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
Which does remain unchanged. IIRC, Fehr mentioned that they didn't like how before the puck dropped on the first game, the odds of making the playoffs in an 8-team conference was 50 percent, while the odds for a 7-team conference were 57 percent.

The only thing that's changed? The odds for making the playoffs in the proposed Eastern Conference is 50 percent, and the odds for making the Western Conference playoffs is 57 percent.In the NHL-approved December 2011 plan:
the 8-team "Pacific Conference" would have 41 home games, 16 games in the Eastern Time Zone, six games in the Central Time Zone, and 19 games in-conference. The proposed setup basically swaps out three in-conference games for three Central Time Zone games.

the 8-team "Central Conference" would have 41 home games, 14 out-of-conference games in the Eastern Time Zone, 8 out-of-conference games in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, and the remaining 19 games in-conference, mainly Central, but with Detroit and Columbus being Eastern Time Zone. The proposed setup removes Detroit and Columbus and adds Colorado, so technically the new "Midwest Division" would reduce a couple of Eastern Time Zone away games in deference to adding a few more Mountain and Pacific games.
Starting to sound like the NHLPA wants to keep it at 6 divisions.

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