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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
When PK is too "unleashed" he doesn't help the team. He has a great skill set but it has to operate in the confines of the team, not become the "PK show" where he adds 0.5 goals to our offense but also 1.0 goal against to our GAA.
I read this and I wonder what you've been watching all this time.

I'm also stunned at how PK's mistakes are so criticized while the mistakes of his peers are brushed under the rug.

I'm laughing at people citing stats as if that has anything to do with reduced PP and PK time. The guy scored 14 goals in his rookie year and I'm being told that when he's "unleashed" he's a detrement to the team and that he should have the ice time of a 5th Dman.

LOL @ the PK show. I think some are just bothered by his personality and that translates to how his game is viewed..similar to the non-fans that bash him for no reason.

That said... The Drew Doughty's of the world are free wheeling dmen who have not been held back...high risk, high reward player...yet he's the 2nd coming and PK needs to play within the confines of the system. Fair enough, but understand that he's being held back. Byfuglen is allowed to roam and do his thing. He will make errors, but the postitives of his game outweigh the negatives.

Anyways, perhaps that's why Emelin has been able to play like crap wtihout hearing about it. As crappy as he has played, he plays within the confines of the system so.....

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