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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Not every team has a Crosby, Ovechkin, or Stamkos. So a lot of home-and-homes between teams from the other Conference won't offer a lot of interest to many fans, especially also if there's little to no Standings competition between those teams.
This sort of thing waxes & wanes, I think, and I also think the complaint tends to come from the west more than the east. With Crosby+Ovechkin both emerging in the east during the time when the eastern teams only got 5 games in the west each year, the western teams & fans got really bent out of shape about it and started crying for "every team plays every other team!"

But you don't hear the eastern teams wanting to play the Oilers and their stable of emerging stars more often. Maybe the Red Wings & Blackhawks but it's a mild "maybe". Put MacKinnon & McDavid out in the west in the next few years and I think the Rangers would still rather play the Devils or the Flyers, and vice-versa. The eastern teams have their little fiefdoms to protect.

Anyway, my take is that the out-of-conference games tend to be pretty flat affairs, but I can understand the desire of STH to see all the teams. I don't know how to best square that circle.

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