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02-28-2013, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
That's what they need right now, not necessarily what they need long term.
If they don't bring it in they'll never have it, That's what they'll need now, in the future, and to the end of time. They need this kind of player, and it's much tougher to find this player as a UFA or in the draft, than a good two way guy.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
I'll take a guy who can possibly end up close to EJ in terms of 2-way play, who can put up 25-35 points in a season and play as a #3 or even a #2 over a guy like MDZ who might put up 40-45 points per year but plays a Kyle Quincey-esque defensive game.
Again though you're backing away from your original concerns over a player not reaching their hyped potential. The same argument you made in regards to Trouba, the player we're talking about.

You're actually being more generous with MDZ's defensive game than I am. Quincey was fairly good defensively in his tenure with the Avs for the most part, and formed the best pairing with EJ he's ever had here. Why would you not want that with 40-45 points? And this is assuming the 22 year old MDZ doesn't continue to develop in a positive way like we're assuming Trouba will.

It's not fair to make that assumption of one, and not the other. Especially when Rangers fans compliment him on continually improving his overal game since his first year.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Our issues with offensive production from the back end could very well be solved by one or both of Barrie and Elliott.
Bringing in a two way defensive prospect and leaving the responsibility of fixing the Avs scoring troubles on the shoulders of two more prospects is a terrible idea IMO. They are playing better, and hopefully will continue to work on their overall game, but I don't see it getting to a level where it's a strength of theirs in the NHL. Most likely it will be at MDZ's level right now, or perhaps a little better at best. Not a strength, but not a huge burden.

Plus MDZ brings a physical element, and a nasty element that will suit him better for dealing with top line players. It's much smarter IMO to bring in that piece they need, and if Barrie and Elliott turn out great, then even better. Relying on them doing that alone is a mistake.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
You've seen this team's powerplay, do you really believe MDZ would make a difference? Hell, the Rangers are LAST in the league on the PP as hard as that might be to imagine. (They were 23rd all of last year)
Yes, I think he would help the PP enormously. He's very good at getting a hard slapper off quickly and accurately, and jumps into the play very well with some good finishing moves. Barrie's getting better, but he's not at that level yet.

PP rankings don't define a PP player. It defines how it's working as a group. Plenty of good PP players in history have been on teams struggling on the PP.

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