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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Lets add current players HL as they are the ones you reference in your development arguement (leroux takes away from kids developing---and really 16 Gs is what were dealing with, hardly a make or break for an OHL rook when it comes to development) Im sure the knights will send more to the show from the last 2 years.

Domi, Horvat, Matta, Zadarov, Harrington, Stolarz, Tierney all are or will 1st/2nd rd picks. Lots of others in the lower rds as well.
Id also figure that most of those Spits came from a 2 yr stretch? Could be wrong but its my guess.
Lets take the number in the show from our memorial cup year and folllowing OHL final loss vs SPits 2 memorial cup teams. Fair comparison?

I really do appreciate the SPits 2/ 3yr run as a hockey fan but am more impressed by a group that consistently develops kids, moves them to pro teams/universities at all levels and has competitive teams.
Rychel/ Boug still have to prove they can do it over time. Im not doubting they can, just that Id take London as a place for a kid to develop. Just a personal prefernce and Im sure it differs with others

The league is definitely cyclical and good management groups minimize those downs.
This will be the 1st yr in 6 that the spits will miss the playoffs,I am sure most organizations would kill to have in order,a 1st place finish in divsion after missing the playoffs,2 mem cups,a final four appearance,a playoff spot in the beginning year of a rebuild,after dealing major assets at the quarter pole of that season for mostly picks,losing their best player with 12 games to go ,making playoffs and bowing out in the 1st rd
Take that along with having the most players who have made an NHL appearance in that stretch of any organization in jrs or college is reason to be supportive and proud
Not saying you should not be thats for sure

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