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02-28-2013, 02:31 PM
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But nobody really cares about this because in Russia this model IS long term sustainable. At least oil will still be used in 30 years I believe, gas too and Russian metallurgy should still be in good shape. And the oligarchs too might live for next 30 years and those that will come in their place, if the political system does not change by 180 degrees, will continue to pay for their toys.

They are some teams that are barely able to make ends meet in Russia (Avto, Kuznya), also some teams that might find it hard in future (Slovan) or might be in trouble if something changes in politics of the league or club's countries (Dinamo, Lev), but these are only few. Gazprom sponsors SKA and Medvedev will do so till the grave, charity fund or sth sponsors Ufa and while the budget might decrease or increase, it will continue to do so, if Putin is in power CSKA will stay out of trouble, Dynamo now is also secure, Tatarstan will pay for AK Bars, Traktor's budget might decrease but they will pay for it, Khabarovsk- no doubt etc. If there is no radical change in Russia's politics, I don't see KHL collapse in next 30 years time... And even if there's a shift in politics the fact that tickets are relativey inexpensive and sports teams are financed by the region or local company is so deeply rooted in the culture that you can't imagine it to be other way around. I mean not to fund the local sports team for the factory or government there (also in Latvia) means that you do not care about the community. Others would shame you for that, and that's why it's like a competition -everybody wants to show how much he gives to the community so team budgets grow and ''owners'' want to win cups, it doesn't even matter how the cup is called but it brings pride to the community and the big bosses can shove it into their colleagues' and comptitors' eyes.

Therefore there's no real incentive... If Riga's or Avto budgets could possibly be green in 30 years' time, but if we look at SKA or CSKA... AK Bars... Traktor... Magnitka

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