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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
Actually Nelli it was Studnicka who is the same age who fought Liberati,and last yr
at 16 he had to fight Welycha who is a year older
As for the Sudbury game the Wolves were just as guilty,Thibideau started with Bowen,Silk whacked Clark 1st,and it was Sanvido"s 1st ohl fight,Verbeek was facewashed by a older guy by 2 years Genovese the same guy who knocked out Mcguiire recently,and Verbeek would have nothing of and choked the guy
Other teams have not been innocent,especially those at home,they have last change
they can dictate how things may turn out
Yes it was studnicka. Still beat on a kid who didnt want to fight. In a stoppage started by Bilcke following Bougs request to start a fight after clean hit, so in this case IM not sure the HOME team dictated how this turned out. Just sayin

Were Wely and Studnicka willing combatants, cause Liberati wasnt? Im not sure, but that also makes a difference

As for Sudbury I guess it was all their fault

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