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02-28-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Double post, I know, but lets all laugh at these ridiculous college basketball uniforms.

IMO, it looks like they're trying to mimic the silly college lacrosse shorts some teams wear for special occasion games.

Except they failed miserably and the basketball uniforms just look silly.
When the hell did zubas become basketball uniforms? Oh well, makes about as much sense as anything else in that garbage sport.

Originally Posted by forthewild View Post

So yeah this is going to turn out really well for humanity.

i mean its not like we're headed to cybernetic implants and ****... in 10 years people will "hook up" via usb 4 and you just send pleasure signals
back and forth thus eliminating the chance to make a mistake
I keep saying that Ghost in the Shell is the most likely sci-fi to actually become reality, and this is just more proof of that. In a couple of decades that iphone wont be in your pocket, it will be in your brain.

Good luck when they create brain-infecting malware, suckers!

Also: lost 10 pounds this month. Go me. I'm down quite a bit from where I started.

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