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02-28-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
You know, honestly, I don't see how you could even come close to making that claim...

Offensive? Sure. Overall? I'm not so sure. Nobody is.

And when I say that down the road they're likely not to be that far off in value, people call me a homer or say that I'm overrating my team's player when in reality, it's other people being homers.

How many players become 50 goal scorers? How many players these days hit 90 points?

If you listened to everyone's account of Couturier's draft class, then Couturier is the odd man out because literally every other forward in his class is going to be dropping 90 points consistently.

I think it's time HFBoards tapered itself somewhat.

Couturier is likely going to be a 60-75 point consistent Selke Caliber forward. Yakupov is likely going to be a 70-85 point winger with potential for more in career years.

How much of a difference in actual value to a team is there? Who helps their team more?
To say Couturier is going to be a 60-75 point guy is being a homer. I'm here to bash anyone but i've watched all but 3 Flyers games this year and i just don't see him ever reaching that. Maybe 40-50 and great in his own end. Still very young and has alot of room to get better but I just don't see him reaching 60-75pts

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