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02-28-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
The Rangers would spend money. You are also not taking into account that which wold be acquired by Gaborik's departure.

I was on the Red Wings forum and in a few minutes I got an offer of:

Filpulla + Nyquist + Kindl + 1st '14

That is without any negotiating. Change Nyquist to Tatar who is in the NHL now and that's a solid deal if they can re-sign Filpulla to be that #2 center.

There is a reason they offered you that deal -- it is not as good as you think it is. I'm by no means a fan of Gaborik, and agree with you that I don't see this team going terribly far relying on him for its offense, but the Red Wings are the team I watch second most after the Rangers and that combination of players is not returning fair value.

Even if you sub in Tatar, that makes it closer, but not close enough. Filppula is a great player, but not good enough to be the centerpiece of a trade where you give up a 40 goal scorer (albeit a currently struggling one). Not to mention that not one of those Red Wings players plays the Rangers' style. The Wings preach two-way play, but at the end of the day they are still a team that relies much more on their skill and finesse; always have been and will be as long as Holland is there. I'm not confident that any of the players you mentioned would thrive in the Rangers' system.

Throw a younger Franzen or a Brunner in there and take out some of the other pieces and we can talk. But even then - same issue -- those guys succeed in part because of the skill that surrounds them. Either way, fat chance you see Holland even considering giving up either of those guys; they're on the Wings' list of untouchables as far as trades go.

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