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02-28-2013, 03:27 PM
I want my $2!
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Just to be a total ass here (why stop now).. seems as though finally we were done with this mess, and now he is saying things to try and get back into the spotlight...

Has a bit of a Steinbrenner streak to him, eh? George used to say or make dumb comments whenever his precious Yanks took a seldom backseat to the Mets.

"Bring da old spot light back to Georgie"

Not saying this was done intentionally at all, but made me think about it. How long was DP up in the NHL, and could have said this.. but now he waited till he was demoted and in AHL to mention it?

I dont know. ENough of this guy already..

and typical worthless Snow response. That guys brain is on novacaine...

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