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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Sick feeling in stomach, I empathise. Not nice..... what are you referring to, that you "expect that there will be significant litigation" etc? And any link or source pursuant to the CM's comment that the league hasnt withdrawn the AMF from the 2011/12 season as of yet?
I will search for the link. It was in a local radio interview for a really small station that focuses on Glendale stuff. The comment was almost off the cuff that the NHL had not withdrawn the $$ in escrow.

I could see the CoG and the NHL involved in some form of litigation. The CoG has $50M to chase the NHL over, with promises from Daly, etc. that the money was only an insurance policy that would never be needed since ownership was "weeks" away. I'm not saying the CoG has a great case, but it would be interesting to see what kind of representations were made by the NHL, and what caused the GJ deal to fall apart. How much has the NHL contributed to the team not being sold? How much real interest does the NHL have in selling the team locally since the CoG was covering most, if not all loses? And was the NHL operating in good faith with the CoG, or just awaiting another soft landing after Atlanta went to Winni?

I don't do a great deal of plaintiff's commerical litigation, but I suspect with $50 M at issue at least, some capable lawyers will want to at least root through all the dirty little documents to see how the NHL dealt with the CoG. Time will tell I suppose....

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