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02-28-2013, 03:44 PM
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Overeem's test came back clean but his testosterone levels were "dangerously low".

When Alistair Overeem's latest blood test came back after UFC 156, there was a problem, but perhaps not what you would think.

Overeem, the 262-pound heavyweight with the Herculean physique came back with a blood testosterone level reading of 179 nanograms per deciliter, a figure that would be considered dangerously low for a competitive athlete.
Overeem's test, taken the morning after the fight, was low enough that most doctors would recommend him to be on a testosterone replacement plan even if he was not an athlete, and would at least in theory, make it very difficult to have the energy to get through a productive training camp or fight at peak efficiency.

But there would be a question, given his previous failure, of him being granted a testosterone use exemption in Nevada.
A reading below 300 would be considered low, and under 250 is low enough to open up risks of an assortment of health problems. Low testosterone leads to a variety of problems, among them diminished aggressiveness, decreased strength, diminished red blood cells (decreasing the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood and causing a decrease in stamina) and overall sluggishness.

He only has himself to blame because of his past PED use but this could be one of the reasons why he looked so bad.

He messed himself up really bad with the steroids so what does he do now? He shouldn't be allowed to use TRT because of his failed test and if they do a blood test after his next fight and his levels are normal, everyone will know he cheated again. He also can't go into a fight with JDS looking like he did in his last fight.

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