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02-28-2013, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by SLAPSHOT723 View Post
Come on. I like Ballard but he's on a pretty bad contract and hasn't been performing well at all since arriving in Vancouver.

Actually, let me rephrase that. He's not playing like the Keith Ballard people saw in Florida, and not in a good way. That will take away a lot of his value.
ok, so what would Ballard's value be if he was playing well in Vancouver? Like say he was the team's most consistent dman this year? Or say he was the team's most consistent dman since coming back from injury last year, and through the playoffs, and then throughout this season so far?

Would that help his value?

I think most people that have watched Ballard play since his return from injury last year will tell you that he has been the team's most consistent dman since his return, was the team's best dman through the playoffs, and has been the only consistent dman overall this year (along with Tanev).

Do we still hold on to his play from when he first arrived in Vancouver, was hit by long-term injuries for the first time in his life, and had problems adjusting to a new system then, or do we consider his most recent impact over the past 40 or so regular season games and his 1st round playoff work last year?

It seems most fans are still sticking to the Ballard that first arrived in Vancouver and are completely dismissing his play since his return from his last long-term injury.

Should his value have improved when he's now proven he's adapted to the system and has played SIGNIFICANTLY better since? Or do people just ignore that, ignore the fact that dealing with major injuries for the first time and adjusting to a new, completely different system, will have an impact on a player's transition overall?

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