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02-28-2013, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Pens fan coming in peace. I think the McKenzie radio comment is 100% fabricated. There's not one thing on his twitter account or that suggests this is true. What would get more play from TSN... McGrattan or Perry refusing to sign? Whoever originally posted it in the main board is full of crap IMO. Especially if multiple parties didn't hear it (seems to be the case).

As a Pens fan it would be great if we had a shot at Perry but I'm not sure anyone does. Too many reasons for your GM to pay him what he wants IMO (unless the cap hit is way up there). You guys have a lot of cap space. More than all the other contenders that's for sure.
that's why i want clarification, so far McKenzie has not posted anything on twitter

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