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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
11:18 mark
Thanks Major... I wonder if Sherwoods got his facts straight? Its been reported elsewhere that "yes, the NHL did withdraw the $25M in escrow last year". So if they havent touched it, why not? That doesnt make any sense whatsoever. Are they not bleeding red ink to the extent claimed & speculated about ad nauseum with respect to attendance guesstimates, gate & concessions etc? Who just leaves $25M sitting in escrow now 8 months later after legally they had every right to withdraw it?

So if its true that losses as reported & claimed by the NHL were not as deep nor as bad as reported according to some little birdies who saw & read through Jamisons prospectus have told me, then why was that $25M being held in abeyance & uncollected? Earmarked to discounting the sale price or possibly used as a cash infusion in order to carry GJ's deal past the point of sale, a slush fund to be used for ongoing management & operational costs? Or does the NHL, in a final act of largesse, munificence & benevolence plan on returning it to the COG, stopping by City Hall on their way out of town & dropping off a check? One of those giant sized Publisher Clearing House.... Pull Ed McMahon out of the freezer (he still alive btw?) and wheel him along on a dolly. Somethin aint right here about this situation at all. Always follow the money, and here we are again, all kinds of questions, no answers.

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