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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
This said, yes, Elitserien has awful attendance compared to its potential as hockey power.

How many new arenas above 10 000 is under construction/planning in Elitserien? I can name at least 10 arenas in KHL (including O2 in Prague as potential venue). This topic is about potential profit, so I have to ask about plans for building bigger arenas in Sweden.. bigger arenas=more fans=more money

This sentence ("they can, but dont. Attendance is awful.") was one of the most stupid things I've ever read on these boards (although I have to thank my common sense to avoid trade proposal boards for that) and you're still arguing about it?

Do you understand there are 20-25% of town's population in every game in Skelleftea or Ornskoldsvik? How can you expect higher numbers? That's ridiculously great attendance with no way to improve it. Do you understand that the average town of the KHL team is 10 times bigger than the average town in Elitserien?Do you understand there are 3, yes 3 cities with population above 100k in Elitserien? Yes there are no ****in possibilities for new fans and bigger arenas because there are no ****in people there.

Oh yeah, and about that attendance dropping thing. Have you ever heard of this thing called playoffs? Plus, one of the most popular teamsin the country (Djurgardens) in the biggest country's market (Stokholm) was relegated while Rogle based in Angelholm with population of 23k took their place. How can attendance not drop? But that doesn't mean anything SIGNIFICANT, it would contradict logics if it would be otherwise.

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