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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post

But, I have faith in our new management, and we will have four picks in the top 35 of this draft. Until I'm proven wrong, we'll agree to disagree

Seth Jones recently moved into fourth overall for scoring by WHL defenders. His 47 points sitting behind only Spokane's Brenden Kichton (70pts), Seth's own teammate Troy Rutkowski (58), and Saskatoon's Darren Dietz (48). Of note, eligbles Shea Theodore (Seattle, 45pts), Ryan Pulock (Brandon, 43) and Josh Morrissey (Prince Albert, 43) sit 7th and tied 9th overall, respectively.

Just goes to show the quality of depth in this draft. While some of these guys come with various question marks, the level of talent is very good, and it shouldn't be hard to find some steals in the late first/early second round ... especially with Jarmo leading the way.
This goes back to probability. Recall last year the analysis wherein the Isles offered their whole draft to go #2 overall.

And look at Jarmo's own results the last time he had 3 picks in the first round. Yes, he'll get a much better first pick here, but going 4-for-4 with those first four picks is highly unlikely notwithstanding how deep you think the draft is (and I always question how deep it really is as I think every year we have someone telling us that year's draft is one of the deepester ever or some such nonsense).

I'm more focused on seeing us get two picks in the top ten and one in the top 2. That makes the chances of getting 2-3 guys who can be solid NHL contributors more likely and the chances of getting a star/superstar pretty good. I'd consider that a pretty good start to the rebuild and anything else would be an added bonus.

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