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02-28-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by HersheyHockey View Post
I feel like one of the only ones not siding with Rick here. In my opinion the comments he made today were COMPLETELY unprofessional and unnecessary. "Ripped my heart out and flushed it down the toilet" sounds like something I would have said after getting cut from the 8th grade basketball team.

He acts like he's surprised or something. He didn't win a single game. Didn't show anything impressive. Does it suck to be demoted to the minors? Yeah, obviously. But you're a professional athlete getting paid to perform. When it's not working out, that's what happens.

Rick should have either kept his mouth shut or acted like a professional. "Obviously I'm very disappointed by the decision but I'm going to do my best to work hard and improve my game in Bridgeport and hopefully come back at a later time and help the team." Why couldn't he just have said something like this? Gets the same point across.

And bringing anything about suicide into this, sarcastic or not, is completely unprofessional. Keep that between yourself and your therapist (if it really is serious, which it sounds like it is not). Either he's clueless as to the kind of things the media will blow up into a huge story or he knew this was going to happen and did so for attention.

Just ridiculous. Fingers crossed for the buyout this summer so both he and the team can leave this mess in the past and move on.
What's a narcissist egomaniacal petulant brat multimillionaire to do....?

Hope I didn't come off as siding with Rick here or in the past decade, sir.

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