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02-28-2013, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
I'm saying it is bad asset management. If I pay one dollar for a brownie and turn around and sell it for 80 cents, that is bad management. You act like a 6th round pick is worthless. It mostly is. But it is not always. Many players have been successes in late rounds - Halak, Elliot, Tocchet, Rinne, Alferedsson, et al. Sure it's rare, but it is still posible. You act like these picks are meaningless.
That's all well and good but that is not what we are talking about. Someone said they would rather have waited and traded Chaput for something else or gotten a sixth round pick for him. I am saying that waiting may have left us with nothing, just like the 6th rounder could have left us with nothing. If you traded Chaput for a sixth rounder and that guy never makes the NHL, that is less valuable than Sestito. That is more likely than getting even a full time NHLer, let alone a good one.

So by saying the Flyers somehow would have been better off with a sixth rounder, is to say that a bird in the hand is worth less than two in the bush. Or to use your brownie analogy, if I gave you a choice between a brownie recipe that may turn out to be a brownie that tastes good if you follow the directions perfectly and everything goes 100% correct and you use the right oven and so forth or a brownie, I think you would probably chose the brownie.

There were people that didn't mind getting rid of a first rounder for Steve Emminger because we already had one that round. That logic baffles me. Chaput is nothing special. He may play in the NHL he may not. That possibility is still greater than a player who is not in the NHL. Holmgren exhibits bad asset management more than I'd like him too - the Versteeg deal for example. I recognize that Chaput will never be an All-Star. But he COULD end up being serviceable. I just wish Holmgren managed assets better. Many rich people are rich because they value every dollar. There is something to be said for that. Buy low sell high. It's basic business.
I am confused by this. Eminger is a different story, not even close to what we are talking about. You are saying the possibility of Chaput to play in the NHL is greater that a player who is not in the NHL (presumably Sestito)? Sestito has already played int he NHL, and likely will in the future, albeit probably not for the Flyers. Chaput may never step foot on NHL ice, but somehow is more likely to be a fringe NHLer than a current NHLer?

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