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02-28-2013, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Without a doubt this is a horrible dealership. Northtown so much better. But alas I bought my most recent Hyundai from southtown, live on the southside, and grin and bear it.

The word cluster**** comes to mind. Brought it to their intention several times that any aspect of their service doesn't come close to matching Northtown. At Southtown basically a revolving door of people that don't care. With apologies to the few mechanics and service people there that do.

Ask them if they have a courtesy car for you and to call you when they are finally done. STate that next time the ETA is hours passed that you will be expecting a courtesy car. Or book it straight off assuming incompetence.
Yea came to southdown because that's where it was bought and it was still under warranty which will be up after the next oil change. After that I will be going somewhere else. Though about getting the shuttle or courtacy car, but they have free wifi and I have my iPad to keep me occupied

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