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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
To be fair, OHL Central has him as a mid second. They are not parents or family.

He will be a second round pick, hes rated AA.
Thanks Tiger.

I call it the way I see it. I dont have any kid in the Hockey Industry and no affiliation with any player.

But alot of people want to picture it that way. Maybe its because I am hurting their Egos.

I wear it on my sleeves and have the nuts to make comments. Alot of posters like to sit on the fence and just throw spears and attack other bloggers.

These posts are about the kids and evaluating them, not smashing bloggers.

I have no issues with Marlies. I love the 2 Webb boys and Robinson alot. I only have issues with the higher end talent and whether they will pan out next year, as ALL YOU MARLIE LOVERS AND PARENTS SEEM TO THINK.

In all do fairness, Special K has fallen alot since the beginning of the year and I will acknowledge that. Also, Strome has been playing alot better, and I can see him going 4th overall (behind Day, Spencer and Konecny). I HAVE THE STONES TO ADMIT IT WHEN THINGS CHANGE, BUT THAT CANT BE SAID ABOUT THE BLOGGERS WHO SIT ON THE FENCE.

Just hope Marner doesnt go in the first round or top 15, then alot of you experts may have to change sports. LOL

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