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02-28-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Because if he goes to FA he wouldn't get that contract either if the Avs won't offer it up?

If we take him to arbitration and we then let him walk, we may match any contract below 20% of his arbitration salary as well. Aka, 5.3+ mil if we let him walk and less than 5.3 we can retain him.
I just want to highlight this to everyone.

If the Avs match, he is not going to a rival club in this conference or our division for this year. If the Avs match they can claim their hands were forced on his contract.

If the Avs don't match try get an underwhelming return.

However, if we do match what do our options become?

We can sign him to a regular contract extension. We can go to club elected salary arbitration (only thing I'm hazy on is if the qualifying offer is a minimum during arbitration, I believe it is not). We can also let him walk from arbitration, let another team sign him for 5.3+ mil OR retain him for 5.299 or less if someone signs him to such a contract. Lastly we can also sign him at any point to any contract we deem if he elects to sign for less than his qualifying offer.

Downsides? If we do elect for arbitration, we deny arbitration and we've qualified his contract, then he is eligible to accept the QO and become a UFA the following season.

Other options? If we does not play 60 games next year we can make his QO a two way deal. I can't imagine him risking being sent down for 875k if no team takes him on at 6.5mil during a waiver transaction.

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