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02-28-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Soccer is coming for you guys

Ice hockey is a bizarre sport. It's a sport that relies alot upon climate to fund its development. It's expensive to build the facilities required for the sport, it's an expensive sport to participate in, it's a time consuming sport to practise (Relative to football/basketball etc) and it's a physically challenging sport. It's undoubtedly my favourite sport, but it's not a natural sport and is fundamentally flawed and illogical sport when discussing growth. It's fighting an uphill battle from the start, without even discussing cultural differences and sports competition.

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Relating to all those factors you listed I find the thing that holds it back the most is the need to start playing at such an early age in order to succeed, due to the wide range of skills and brains required. All the best players are the ones who started extremely young and were put into the game by their parents. I started fairly late (14) and lots of my friends wanted to start playing too but in the end they decided "it's too late to start playing because I won't get anywhere, so I'm not going to bother." Lots of people do start late even as adults but for every 1 of those there are more than 2 who decide there's no point.

It's not like rugby for example where a guy can be thrown straight into the game and be effective because he is strong and/or fast (just look at that American sprinter guy who one day decided to play rugby sevens). Another example is myself in football, because I'm pretty fit and can run I can make myself useful on the pitch despite not being very skilled. To further prove my point, I'm a goalie and I went out as a skater for a scrimmage last week, I can skate well and do all the basic stick skills, but I was terrible because I had no clue what I was doing in terms of positioning and all the mental stuff involved with the game.

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