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02-28-2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by RobinDIF View Post
I dont have any problems with Greg Sherman. In fact. I really like him. O'Reilly is a ****** though.
Sherman failed, plain and simple. This was avoidable.

Originally Posted by hughdreamz View Post
Sherman is okay. He made some great deals last year, but I can't really fault him for how O'Reilly and his agent acted. They gave O'Reilly 2 great offers and he refused. I wish we made a deal earlier on O'Reilly now, but 20/20 heinsight. Don't hate Calgary as much as I hate O'Reilly. Sherman is building a team on character players and now we know O'Reilly doesn't fit that. We're basically screwed. Wouldn't mind seeing the Avs trade Stastny for a top 4 D or high draft picks.
I wouldn't call those offers "great." Fair? Sure, whatever. But great? No. If they were "great," we wouldn't be in this situation.

Colorado needs to make up its mind regarding 'character.' They intentionally draft guys whose stock has fallen due to work ethic or character issues and then get all upset if said guys display those flaws. If you don't want these guys, don't draft them in the first place.

And as for O'Reilly's character, he's just one of many, many professional athletes who wanted big $$$. Big deal. No, I don't like the way he went about it, but the Avs can't let a player of his caliber walk simply on principle. The compensation is simply not enough, certainly not when you factor in the possibility that the Flames might still be division rivals next year and the year after.

And if you think you can build a championship caliber team on nothing but "character guys," you're fooling yourself.

Any way you cut it, Sherman has failed. The Avs are now in a lose-lose situation no matter what. And he played a big part in it (as has Lacroix). A lot of people reserved judgment (rightfully so) on how Sherman handled this situation. Well, now that this has happened, I'm not in any way, shape, or form giving this guy and his boss a "pass" any longer. He needs to go, and Lacroix needs to follow him out the door. Make Rick Pracey the new GM, Sakic the new President, and be done with it.

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