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02-28-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
Like Ebencoye said, its not about abandoning ethics, its really about putting a referee in a position where they have to make home town calls, or live with the consequences. As your own personal writing attests, there was bitter hatred toward the Soviets in the '70's and '80's in Canada and the US. It put too much pressure on Koharski to preside over a game in which a perceived bad call cost Canada the Canada Cup. Andy Van Hellemond, another Canadian, had the courage to call a fair and even game in Game 3 of the Challenge Cup, but in my opinion, Koharski couldn't measure up to Van Hellemond's standard. I don't blame him - its too much pressure. He failed to make a call when someone dragged down Bykov just before he caught up with Lemieux to break up the winning goal, which cost the Soviets the opportunity to take the game to OT. He choked on his whistle, no two ways.
I'm sure you've watched enough hockey to know that if you went back and watched things over in slow motion that in every single game you would find numerous missed or questionable calls. The 87 Canada Cup was won fair and square and it is unfortunate that you feel the need to slander Koharski but I guess that is all you really can do.

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