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02-28-2013, 06:24 PM
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To kill this sillyness that the new Xbox will be more powerful than the PS4 (only the delusional ever believed that to begin with):

Standard Jaguar setup. VGLeaks was dead on about everything Ps4 related except the PS4 8 GDDR5 thing (and not even some of Sony's first parties knew about that) so I'm willing to bet they are fairly accurate. Especially if their source is, as they claim, from 2013.

So that puts the new Xbox at a slightly weaker system than a PS4. This will only probably matter with things like AA and first party games, because third parties tend to try to aim for parity. Which is good news for the industry as a whole, because it means these two systems are rather equal and the architecture follows modern PCs, so the only scaling publishers would need to do is down to the Wii U, which is good news for that system as well.

A setup where publishers have to make 4 different SKUs of games is a lot worse off for everyone than one where they can get away with 2 (PC, PS4, new Xbox and then another sku for the Wii U). Yes, games on PC and PS4 will have extra bells and whistles (more on the PC, obviously) over the Xbox version (as the base), but it means no massive game disparities should happen unless the developer is awful at programming (looking at you Bethesda!).

I can't find the source for this next bit of info, but I'll update the post if I do. But there's an interesting bit of info coming out of GDC: The Vita is actually massively increasing in popularity, particularly among indie devs as the development platform of choice. Games like Retro City Rampage have sold like hotcakes on it (more than the Ps3 version, which is cross buy and the Steam version..which is..Steam) and the same survey had support for the 3DS waning, although I'm not sure why. Really wish I could find the article, but it's good news for the Vita!

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