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02-28-2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by TwInS1095 View Post
I just think the way to improve is here in the NHL. Maybe I exaggerated a bit with the word dominate , but he did out up a point per game, while adjusting and batting through injuries in a non watered down AHL. I don't think Granlund is the player that's going to wow you, but instead I think he's going to silently put up points.

In a shortened season leave him here as long as he's still progressing. (And he is)

He's got nothing to learn in the AHL...other than the regain the confidence argument.
However, what if he goes down and because of a lack of confidence doesn't do
Well in the AHL? What then..?

Keep him here. For a 20 year old, undersized rookie...he's doing fine.
Well, the reason I responded was because the intent of the post I quoted was trying to bring to light that any doom-and-gloom posts about Granlund are just posts looking attention, and I agree with that.

But the NHL/AHL debate is a legitimate argument to have and will not hold it against anyone who is on either side of the argument.

If someone complained that Granlund is going to fail, and looks like a bust, I would say, get lost because they obviously have not seen him play and watch him improve. If someone complained that he should be in the AHL rather than the NHL, I would actually take the time to read the argument and respond accordingly.

That is my only point.

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