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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
So it isn't following the money as much as it's sitting there watching it collect dust.
Yes. It is. So thats that. As the monies sitting there untouched 8mnths after the NHL could have easily withdrawn it, then I guess they dont need it, broke even on the 2011-12 season.... why then havent they long since notified Glendale, instructed the bank to return the funds to the City?

Originally Posted by objectiveposter View Post
what I find strange is.... If its true that Gary Bettman promised the owners he would get their money back then how is it that after 4 years the losses remain exactly 170 mill total?...
Yes, he did tell the BOG's precisely that, purchased the team & has been covering costs through a line of credit. Like you, I too and many more are confused, find it confounding how if after 4yrs with the losses reported the price tags remained static at $170M? Doesnt. Make. Any. Sense. Impossible. Based on what we know, the price should be by now around $240M & counting. Deduct the COG's $25M, were at $215M & change. Add the $20M sitting there untouched, $195M. And thats being generous, conservative. We just dont know, likely never will. NHL's not obligated to tell, can & usually do make up whatever story they'd like to sell. One of lifes mysteries... how do they get the Caramel in a Caramel Bar?

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